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Before I started working with Sara, I was suffering from a year of unrelenting depression. I had gone through some major life changes and was in weekly therapy with no real relief. I was sick to my stomach, pretty much my whole life, but never even realized it, because that was my normal.

After one month with Sara, my life completely changed. Sara provided me with reading materials and encouragement that helped me make a major life change. She emailed me throughout the weeks to check in, listened and empathized during our in person meetings, and provided me with information that helped me make decisions for myself about what, where, when, and how I was eating. Sara gave me the reality check that I needed to stop doing what wasn’t working for me.

My depression symptoms are completely gone. My therapist recommended we reduce our sessions. I have energy and a mental clarity that I never knew was possible. I feel like I had been walking through life with sunglasses on and a rock in my stomach. I am now empowered to make so many other positive changes to my health because of the revitalization I feel from changing the food I was eating.

I honestly could never have made these changes on my own. Learning about healthy (and not so healthy) food from a person whom I felt was personally invested in me feeling and living better makes me so incredibly grateful for Sara and the work she does.

If you are planning to work with Sara, know that she will not hold your hand. She will give you the information she thinks you need to make decisions for yourself. That is the most empowering part!! I know these changes (not just in the food that I eat, but in how I live my life) will last long after our one-on-one sessions are over because of what and how she taught me.

-Shannon Siriano Greenwood


During my three months of health coaching with Sara, I was able to reflect on my own health goals and really think about what I wanted out of my body. I now have a better understanding of what my body needs, and Sara gave me the guidance and support needed to reach my health goals! 

​The benefits are life changing and well worth the time and money invested.​
I have now been a client of Sara’s for 8 months.  Prior to meeting her, I was stuck in the yoyo diet, fad diets, quick fix cycle, and beleived that I had to work out for what I ate. I would binge eat, work out excessively, and then limit my calories per day. 
It has been a long and  challenging road, however with Sara’s support and guidance I finally understand how to fuel my body with the proper nutrients to feel my best inside and out.  Sara taught me to listen to my body and get in tune with how certain foods made me feel after consumption.  
She has been the only person to help me figure out that I have intolerances to certain foods that caused me to feel awful each time I ate them (I went to doctors about stomach issues and met with a nutritionist referred by my doctor prior to meeting Sara).  
Sara is your number one supporter and is with you every step of the way.  She believed in me that I could make these lifestyle changes and was patient/understanding when I had set backs, which I had several along this journey.  
When I set out on this journey my goal was to loose weight. Not only have I lost 13lbs, I have learned so much about myself and about nutrition. I have changed my relationship with food in a positive way and feel great physically and mentally! 
This has been a wonderful journey that I will continue on for the rest of my life. 
Thank you Sara, I would not be where I am today without your help!
-E. Price, Richmond, VA
I started with Sara out of frustration. I knew my system was off but did not know why and I got to the point of not feeling well daily. I’m fairly aware of my body what it likes and doesn’t likes but I had hit a point where I could not figure out what was happening.
It’s amazing when you have a different set of eyes on something. All things I was aware of but Sara was able to help pare it all down and focus on the 1 or 2 issues at hand.
Learning was the best part (outside of the results thus far), I always want to know more and Sara knows more than me! Meeting every 2 weeks was great timing, I would have my list of questions or articles read we could discuss and then spend the next 2 weeks trying/changing things and could then report back. Also knowing someone would want to know how things went is great accountability!
At the end the changes I made to my daily diet seem like an easy fix what was bothering my system. Then you fall of the wagon and get back into old habits and realize how those “easy” changes are very much a lifestyle change and how much my body needs to be fueled and live a different way.