C'est la vie

Just like any other woman, I've struggled with body image and issues with food. As I've gotten older, I've started eating healthier and exercising more, but still with the same mental focus: how to stay thin or fit into a certain size dress. Sara has educated me in many ways - nutritional knowledge, accountability, endless delicious and healthy recipes, but most of all, she helped me shift my mentality. She taught me that life isn't a simple math equation (caloric intake + calories burned = weight loss). So many other things can impact your metabolism, including stress, mental presence, breathing, etc. Instead of feeling guilty and beating myself up over eating the slice of pizza, I am fully present and enjoy every second. I have found a way to create balance in my life, where I can eat and drink what I want (in moderation) and simply feel thankful. I am present within my body, listening to what it wants and needs. If that means I skip the hardcore work out and go for a long walk, that's exactly what I do. If that means I have a bagel instead of a green smoothie (or vice versa), c'est la vie. 

And even though weight loss was not my main goal, I now actually weigh what I weighed in college (6 years ago). It may sound a little crazy, but I think it shows that your body can hear everything your mind says, good and bad. After working with Sara, I better understand how to listen to my body and push away negative thoughts. I hope my new and improved mentality can stay with me for the rest of my life.

- R. D.

Elizabeth Fuqua