Lifestyle Update

I started with Sara out of frustration. I knew my system was off but did not know why and I got to the point of not feeling well daily. I’m fairly aware of my body what it likes and doesn’t likes but I had hit a point where I could not figure out what was happening.

It’s amazing when you have a different set of eyes on something. All things I was aware of but Sara was able to help pare it all down and focus on the 1 or 2 issues at hand.

Learning was the best part (outside of the results thus far), I always want to know more and Sara knows more than me! Meeting every 2 weeks was great timing, I would have my list of questions or articles read we could discuss and then spend the next 2 weeks trying/changing things and could then report back. Also knowing someone would want to know how things went is great accountability!

At the end the changes I made to my daily diet seem like an easy fix what was bothering my system. Then you fall of the wagon and get back into old habits and realize how those “easy” changes are very much a lifestyle change and how much my body needs to be fueled and live a different way.

- E.R.

Elizabeth Fuqua