Mind-Body Balance

Before I started working with Sara, I was suffering from a year of unrelenting depression. I had gone through some major life changes and was in weekly therapy with no real relief. I was sick to my stomach, pretty much my whole life, but never even realized it, because that was my normal.

After one month with Sara, my life completely changed. Sara provided me with reading materials and encouragement that helped me make a major life change. She emailed me throughout the weeks to check in, listened and empathized during our in person meetings, and provided me with information that helped me make decisions for myself about what, where, when, and how I was eating. Sara gave me the reality check that I needed to stop doing what wasn’t working for me.

My depression symptoms are completely gone. My therapist recommended we reduce our sessions. I have energy and a mental clarity that I never knew was possible. I feel like I had been walking through life with sunglasses on and a rock in my stomach. I am now empowered to make so many other positive changes to my health because of the revitalization I feel from changing the food I was eating.

I honestly could never have made these changes on my own. Learning about healthy (and not so healthy) food from a person whom I felt was personally invested in me feeling and living better makes me so incredibly grateful for Sara and the work she does.

If you are planning to work with Sara, know that she will not hold your hand. She will give you the information she thinks you need to make decisions for yourself. That is the most empowering part!! I know these changes (not just in the food that I eat, but in how I live my life) will last long after our one-on-one sessions are over because of what and how she taught me.

- Shannon Siriano Greenwood, Richmond VA

Elizabeth Fuqua