Raw Cacao Cups v. II


This recipe is very similar to the original version of my raw cacao cups, yet made with almond butter instead. I also added a hint of sweetness with coconut nectar!

Raw Cacao Cups v. II

Makes about 20 small cups

To melt coconut butter: Prepare double-broiler with a glass pyrex bowl. Place coconut butter and oil in bowl until melted (or I put the glass pyrex bowl directly over a very low heat on my stove top). Add almond butter and whisk until incorporated into melted coconut butter/oil. Remove from heat and allow to slightly cool (2 minutes). Add cacao powder and whisk until combine. Stir in coconut nectar, stirring vigorously (will cause mixture to thicken). Immediately pour mixture into muffin liners and freeze for at least 30 minutes – 1 hour. Enjoy!