Blood Sugar Balance to Mindset Shifts

My biggest challenge before working with Sara was blood sugar management. I was "hangry," had food anxiety, some brain fog and was generally stressed. I was not very mindful about how I was eating or really how I was treating myself. I was letting those negative thoughts creep in. After working with her, I'm making much better food choices. Meals aren't something to just check off a "to-do" list. Learning how to manage my blood sugar has really been a game changer. I have a better understanding of the science behind how what we put into our bodies affects everything from mood to weight loss. I'm much less stressed and I don't worry about food as much. I'm still practicing mindfulness, and Sara's tools are powerful ones in helping squelch those negative thoughts, which ultimately leads to more productive and positive days.

Sara is an incredible coach with a lot of knowledge and wisdom to share. I went into my three month sessions knowing I needed help managing my blood sugar. I came out of those three months realizing what I also needed was a mindset shift. I wasn't being very nice to myself, and in sharing experiences with Sara, she was able to call that out and help me with my mindset practice too. The key is sharing with her so she can in turn share with you the best practices to help you reach your goals.

Sara McGlothlinComment