A New Mindset

I first met Sara at a health expo at our YMCA.  The timing seemed perfect, as I was in the middle of having food fights (verbal, not in the "Animal House" way) with my 13 year old daughter Scout.  I thought "this is perfect, she can get advice from someone else, and Sara can help her track her eating."  What we got from Sara was completely different, and so much more than I had hoped for.  Instead of counting calories and food tracking, Sara helped Scout understand WHY she was eating the way she was, and deal with teenage hormones and emotions head on, instead of hiding around and behind food.

I feel like the mentality of most nutrition advice-givers is to order their clients on what to eat, and then have the clients intuit the rules from that.  Sara went the opposite - she told Scout HOW to think and HOW to eat, then let Scout figure out WHAT to eat.

When we started our sessions with Sara, Scout was very unsure of herself and often embarrassed at what she was eating (may times sneaking it behind closed doors).  After each session, Scout came out invigorated, practically giddy.  She now stops and thinks before making her food choices, evaluating WHY she wants to reach for a snack.  It's not always perfect (she is 13, after all), but I definitely see a more mature and thoughtful relationship with food.

-A.K., Richmond, VA