The Daily Exercise That Changed My Life {and it has nothing to do with fitness}

Mindset matters. 

About yourself, your health, and your everyday experiences. I now know that achieving your best self reaches far beyond eating right and exercise. You can workout each day, consume all the kale and blueberries, but if your mind is not in a positive place, it can hinder your health goals (this is where the holistic piece comes in to play).

A little over a year ago, I discovered The Five Minute Journal and it completely changed my life. We have all heard that expressing gratitude is good for you. Studies have shown that people with a daily gratitude practice have reported experiencing more positive emotions, stronger immune systems and better sleep. Not only does The Five Minute Journal have you write down three things your grateful for, but the questions asked - both in the morning and before bed - help you to rewire your thinking so you learn to notice the amazing things that happen each day. Eventually you come to realize that you are responsible for creating your reality, whether positive or negative; that you have full control over the way you react to your circumstances. With an increased feeling of empowerment, I started to see a shift in many aspects of my life. It's a lesson I continue to incorporate in my health coaching practice, as I believe it plays a big role in achieving overall health and happiness.

With the holidays in full-swing, it's so important to maintain a practice of positivity and appreciation. And if you think you would like some support being the healthiest version of yourself this season, please contact me

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