80% Nutrition 10% Exercise 10% Mindset

What I enjoyed most about The Beauty of Blood Sugar Balance was learning all the science around how the body works and processes food. I loved receiving all the recipes as well to get off to a good start :)

Realizing that it is 80% nutrition, 10% exercise, and 10% mind…that was a HUGE aha moment for me! It has completely changed my mindset about how I think about both my nutrition and exercise. I never really considered how the mind has a role too and would like to begin incorporating mindfulness exercises into my daily routine.

When I have a not 100% BoBSB day, I notice a difference right away. Since becoming more mindful of what I'm eating and using BoSB recipes, my mind is clearer, I have less cravings, and I feel satisfied after meals. The sugar cravings are almost gone!

Sara is really personable and a great teacher, I felt like one of my friends was telling me about how to live a blood sugar balanced life! I learned so much from the four classes and am so much more in tune with my body's reaction to different foods than I ever was before. This course is a lifestyle game-changer and I would highly recommend this course to anyone looking to have a more balanced relationship with sugar!