A New Way of Thinking About Food

What was unique to me about Counting Colors was that it integrated a new way of thinking about food - not as a restrictive diet, but as a means of self-care. I really enjoyed the workbook content and I found that webinar series was incredibly informative. Sara is genuinely supportive and provides so much insight into the mind/body relationship with food. There were so many "aha moments" from this class but I think what I connected to most was the relationship my thoughts and feelings have and how they can affect the food choices I make. 

I used to have a negative outlook on eating and even felt ashamed after eating, partly because of the dieting influences around me and knowing what I was eating was not "diet" friendly. From this class I started keeping a small journal that I use in the mornings and I've noticed I have a more positive association with eating then I did before. I look forward to eating a colorful meal and now I see eating as a form of self-care as opposed to a surrender- to- stress, which has been life changing. I would tell someone to jump in and go for it. If you are someone who grew up with magazines, TV shows, and news articles telling you the latest fad diet I can assure you this class is different. This class empowers you to listen to yourself and learn what your body needs. It is a class that encourages nutritious and conscious food choices and takes a positive approach to eating. I also wanted to share that this class is great for getting to know like-minded people who are in the same boat. You build from your fellow classmates and get support in a way that encourages and uplifts you.