A Refreshing and Unique Approach

I enjoyed so much about Counting Colors! Sara’s refreshing and unique approach to looking at food. No number/calorie crunching or having to follow strict rules of a particular diet. Sara removed the labels, and rather encouraged us to use our creativity to eat healthy! In fact, a major ah ha! moment for me was learning that it’s not so much about the food itself, but rather our emotions and thoughts surrounding food and how focusing on strengthening other areas of our life, our relationship with food can be strengthened as well.

Although I still overeat sometimes or eat when I know I’m not really hungry, I’m more aware of the emotions behind the action and this has lessened the power my emotional eating has over me. More times than not now, I’m able to take a few deep breaths and resist that extra food or simply enjoy a cup of tea before bed rather than reaching for something sweet. That being said, I’m also practicing more compassion with myself as it’s unrealistic to think that I will never do these things again. But now I’m more ok with that. So long as I’m listening to my body and giving it what it needs. 

Another big change for me has been eating fewer and larger meals throughout the day, rather than 6 smaller meals. I used to think I had to eat every 3 hours and this caused me a lot of anxiety/stress throughout the day. Larger/more satiating meals seem to have helped keep my cravings at bay and manage my blood sugar levels better. I can’t say thank you enough Sara!!!! And I’ve already told many people about Counting Colors! That it’s about so much more than food. The course nudges you (in the kindest way possible!) to look within and examine your relationship with really every aspect of your life and reflect on how you want to live/feel. It touches on nutrition, self-care, self-esteem, creativity, healthy and delicious recipe options, and a community to connect with via the FB group.