Blood Sugar Balance

My biggest challenge before working with Sara was my blood sugar levels. I was obsessed and thinking about food all the time! Like a nervous feeling I would be hungry constantly.

I worked with Sara for three months—the biggest shift for me was the change in my blood sugar levels and getting them under control. I have read every health book and consider myself knowledgeable. However, I needed and wanted professional support. Working with Sara helped me turn that corner and take my knowledge and understanding of food (what to eat and when) to the next level. My blood sugars have completely changed—I can go several hours without snacking (not possible before) and I no longer think about food or have that nervous feeling about food and what to eat next. More importantly, I continue to feel good and stable with my blood sugars instead of slipping back into old habits (like grabbing a handful of almonds or raisins to get me to the next meal). Sara provided great resources to learn more and healthy recipes! She is responsive and reliable —answered all my random questions about ingredients or products. A very insightful and valuable experience! She is responsive and reliable, as well as very knowledgeable and supportive.

- M.K

Sara McGlothlinComment