A New Sense of Health & Wellness

Before working with Sara, I had trouble with staying on track; with eating the foods that I know I should be eating due to how they make me feel, versus how I actually ate. I also struggled with beating myself up with thoughts/actions I've made in the past that have affected me in the present. I struggled with letting go of  past choices and moving on. I struggled with being kind to myself and giving myself praise when it was due. I struggled with living in the present and letting thoughts and fears affect my mood and stress level.

After working with Sara, I am now eating the foods I know are good for my body. I understand the difference of what my body needs nutritionally vs. what a label reads. For example, I don’t tolerate dairy, but I know that just because a food is “dairy-free,” does not mean that it is good for my body. 

I am now kinder to myself, accepting "what is" with my body, and not dwelling on choices I've made in the past with my diet that led me to the journey I am on today. 

I feel healthier, less bloated, and I understanding what triggers my stomach discomfort. I am utilizing new tips given to me to reset my stomach in a healthy and nutritious way. Sara has helped me lose those few extra pounds and maintain my weight over the last 3 months, although my goal was not weight loss, but for me to feel better inside and out through self-love and fueling my body with the proper nutrition that it needs. 

Sara's tips and meals ideas have help boost my energy which I struggled with on a daily basis. I now feel as if I am living a balanced lifestyle of 80% vs. 20%

Sara is loving, kind, understanding, and genuine! She truly cares about each client and is there for you when you need her. She is quick to respond to questions asked, and helps you look for solutions to your issues. She is very knowledgeable and really focuses on the inner you along with the outer you. Sara doesn't give up on you and is always encouraging and trying to help you realize and believe your inner and outer beauty. I would not be where I am today with my health and wellness if I had never met Sara and made the commitment to work with her. I am truly grateful for her.


Sara McGlothlinComment