New Tools to Alignment & Freedom

Before working with Sara, I was thinking about food way too often. I was constantly overwhelmed with what I was going to eat and how I was going to make healthy choices. Basically, general food anxiety had me consistently stressed.

Since working with Sara, I have lost weight, but more importantly, I have gained tools to help me find better alignment and mental freedom from food. She taught me the power of the mind, slowing down, and leveraging a blood sugar balancing diet.

Sara is the easiest person to talk to and I never felt judgement over where I was at. She challenged me to try new routines and step outside my comfort zone. She brought all of the aspects of health together to help establish a new normal for me. She recognizes that health is much more than food. It’s just as much or more about the mental aspects, which she has helped me to recognize. Thank you, Sara, for helping me to reconnect to my inner voice and slow down enough to listen to the signals my body is naturally sending me that I shut off so long ago.

Sara McGlothlinComment