Give Yourself This Gift

Before I met Sara, I have been to countless nutritionists as well as Dr.s and personal trainers. All of them, including the medical community, said basically the same thing....Food pyramid, moderation, low fat, low carb, high protein etc.

Sara's approach was totally different. Before we even started, she found out about ME and didn’t put me in the category with everyone else wanting to lose weight. Her first priority for me was to get some health issues addressed (high cholesterol, A1C too high among a few.) She put me on a path to some awesome research and even lent me a few of her books as well. 

In the beginning of our sessions, I was OBSESSED with losing weight even at the expense of my health. I told her I would weigh myself multiple times a day and even in the middle of the night! She asked me to weigh only once a week and although it was hard, it made me aware of some real issues I had with food.

Fast forward a few short months and I now rarely weigh myself and my main focus is to ensure that what I put into my body is not only good for me but also quality foods that my body deserves.

I told her on one visit that I was so envious of people who could eat "junk food" with seemingly no ill affects and I couldn’t! Her response to me was one of the most VALUED pieces of advice I’ve received: "treat that as a gift.” She made me understand that my body was giving me a special gift by NOT letting me eat unhealthy foods.

I HIGHLY recommend Sara for a GIFT to yourself!!! What better way to honor and reward your body than, with not only the nutritional aspect of eating, but with a tremendous mental transformation as well.

Sara McGlothlinComment