Nutrition for Self-Care

Before working with Sara I felt tired often and I hated feeling drained each day after work when I came home to my 2 year old. Sara helped me focus on how and what I eat and how it made me feel afterwards. I stopped eating when I was 2/3 the way full and focused on starting my day off with a blood balancing smoothie with either eggs or a homemade protein granola square. Listening to when I'm starting to get full (rather than eating until I'm stuffed) leaves me with much more energy after each meal. I've also tried make sure I'm monitoring the amount of sugar I consume before I go to sleep because I noticed I had an easier time getting to sleep and better overall quality of sleep when I cut out my sugary snack before bed. One other perk of eating better is my acne cleared up significantly. Overall increased energy, better sleep and less acne have been the results I've seen in my time working with Sara.

While being very knowledgeable on the topics of nutrition and holistic health, Sara is not the least bit judgmental of those who may be coming to her with bad habits in place and no prior experience with health conscious eating. She provided ample information and recipes throughout our coaching sessions and I truly felt like she cared about helping me find a solution that fit my lifestyle and needs. Sara helped me put in place a framework for healthier eating that didn't necessarily require me to cook every meal or food prep every day. I'm so thankful I took the time to invest in myself and my health so that I can be a better, more energized Mom each day.

Sara McGlothlinComment