A Word on "Food Freedom"


I've sometimes heard this promise of "finding food freedom" in the wellness world. In fact, I have said it myself, especially as I list the many benefits of blood sugar balance. And given that I have made it a part of my mission to help women "break free" from dieting, calorie counting, and food anxiety (all of which I would characterize as one's own personal hell), then yes, in a sense there is a certain level of "freedom" achieved on the other side. 

Yet if you were to take the phrase itself, then this implies food is something to find freedom from. I don't know about you, but I eat about three times per day, and that isn't changing any time soon. So if you believe that meal time is a situation you must escape (even on some sub-conscious level), or it simply stresses you out, then that isn't doing your relationship with food any favors. Furthermore, this belief might even have you faced with that feeling of fight or flight multiple times per day in response to an experience that we need for survival. 


If your relationship with food is laced with fear, deprivation, anxiety, please know that there is another way. Food is supposed to be this positive aspect of our life - sustenance to nourish, benefit, and even heal when needed. To surpass "neutral" territory and view food through the lens of beautiful and abundant, that's the ultimate shift. 

I created my online course Count Colors, Not Calories in order to help you make that shift. You will be exploring the mindset shifts that must take place in order for you to achieve a more mindful, beautiful experience, both on your plate and off. “Counting Colors” embraces a holistic way of eating, thinking, being. 


Sara McGlothlinComment