Are You Dieting The "Right" Way?

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Those of you who know me and my philosophy might have read that subject line and been confused. That's because it was a trick question! There is no "right" way to diet. In fact, I don't want you dieting at all. 

As a health coach, I’ve worked with many women who want to lose weight. A common thread is their frustration with the weight loss process in general. They might lose a little weight here and there, but nothing seems to stick. They often feel defeated, discouraged, stressed, and anxious.
It’s these negative emotions that could be standing in the way of sustainable change. Weight loss is much more complicated than “calories in, calories out;” what you eat and how much you exercise is only half of the equation. Undergoing a mindset shift is just as important and might just be the missing piece to the puzzle. What would happen if you let go of the effort and released the pressure you were putting on yourself? 

I understand this makes a lot of women uncomfortable - this idea of releasing the rules, and restrictions. Without the structure, won't it result in absolute chaos??

Ah my friends, that's where the ultimate shift comes in to play. A shift I'm prepared to share with you. This shift goes beyond dropping the diet and adopting a "lifestyle;" this is about embracing a different frame of mind - a different state of well being.

I created my online program Counting Colors for women who share your story. Those who have tried *everything* but can't seem to achieve that vision of health they have been holding out on for so long. Click here to see if Counting Colors is right for you, or read more about it below.


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