Happiness or Freedom?


Oprah's Super Soul Conversations podcast came up in not only one, but two of my client meetings last week. It's a powerful show for so many reasons, but a recent episode in particular piqued a personal "aha" moment (as Oprah would say). 

In her discussion with Michael Singer, author of The Untethered Soul, she recounts how in the 25 years of filming her show, the number one thing people said that they wanted was "to be happy." She then argues that ultimately, people want freedom. From what exactly will depend on his or her individual circumstance.

This got me thinking, especially as it pertains to my work, and weight loss in general (since that is a main focus area in my practice). I have been saying for a while now that losing weight isn't so much about the number on the scale, but the emotions that one will feelonce the lower weight is achieved: confidence, vibrancy, self-love, and yes, happiness. But what if it's more about a search for freedom? Albeit even on a sub-conscious level. Freedom from that voice in your head - that inner dialogue - that continues to tell you that you aren't good enough until you have reached a certain weight, a certain look, or a certain perception of "health" you have been pining for all along. And what if, you were to give yourself permission to feel that freedom now? 

Sara McGlothlinComment