I Get Asked These Questions ALL Of The Time


1. What about snacking? 

Given all that I have learned about blood sugar balance, insulin moderation, and metabolic efficiency, most days, I believe one should focus on consuming three meals per day and refrain from snacking. There is a major difference between between hormonal hunger and physical hunger. The former occurs with blood sugar mismanagement, and can have you reaching for food just 60 to 90 minutes after you have eaten. This used to be me! I thought if I didn't put something in my mouth every 2.5 hours I might not make it. Now I am truly going 5-6 hours between meals and it feels so liberating! Ultimately, we want to be creating a 4 to 6 hour window between eating in order to allow digestion to properly take place, and hormones to balance. Eating too frequently not only keeps you in storage mode (doing the opposite of what you have probably been told!), but can also lead to low energy and lethargy. 

2. What about gluten and dairy?

From a nutritional science perspective (i.e. objectivity), I don't encourage the consumption of either in my health coaching practice. Both are inflammatory and most humans have a hard time digesting the proteins (gluten is a protein; casein is a protein found in dairy that cause a lot of people problems). Of course everyone is different, and I never tell someone they can't eat something. As a coach, it is my responsibility to provide you the education and tools to make your own decisions. In my experience however, information is power, and understanding the science behind it can be a strong motivator to choose foods that will benefit you instead. 

3. Meal planning a prep tips? 

Think in 3-day blocks of time. It’s hard to plan out what you are going to eat on Thursday when it is Sunday. Things come up. Plans change. Life happens. Three-day increments allows for more flexibility, creativity, and less food waste and overwhelm. Break this up further: maybe one day you write out a few recipes to try. The next day you go shopping. The third day is your planning and prep days. More manageable steps are a game-changer! 

I am also a fan of meal delivery services. I have used Green Chef in the past, and have heard great things about Sun Basket as well. There are also delivery services for meat if you want to stock your freezer. Resources include Butcher Box, Vital Choice, Honest Bison, and U.S. Wellness Meats. 

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