The Beauty of Blood Sugar Balance:

A 21-Day Real Foods Reset


An online course dedicated to help you reduce cravings, increase energy, and feel nourished from the inside out.

September 10 - September 30

Early Bird Pricing through August 19th.


Why this reset?

Our bodies are amazing machines. When fueled correctly, not only can we kick-start our natural ability to detoxify, but we can create a healthy and balanced inner-environment to leave you feeling more vibrant!

This is not a diet or traditional cleanse where you feel hungry and deprived. Learn a way of eating that is both enjoyable and sustainable. By using the power of real foods, and incorporating the principles of simple nutritional science, you will reap the benefits of blood sugar balance:

·      Increased energy throughout your day (avoid that afternoon slump)
·      Reduced cravings and feeling more in control of your food choices
·      More satiety between meals (never feel “hangry” again!)
·      Stabilized mood
·      A more positive relationship with food
·      Mental clarity and focus (I want you thinking about food less so you can turn your attention to what matters most)
·      Weight loss
·      Decreased inflammation, aches and pains
·      Improved digestion
·      Better sleep
·      Increased confidence


What You Get:

·      4 hour-long webinars (which will be recorded in case you can't make it live)
·      BoBSB information guide (over 40 pages of material!)
·      Real food recipe packet including over 70 recipes with a 3-week sample meal plan! 
·      Sense of community and access to the BoBSB Facebook group
·      Daily support and information
·      Book and other resource suggestions
·      An increased sense of health and wellness!  



Registration is now open!

Early bird pricing is in effect until August 19th. The real food reset takes place between Monday, 9/10 - Sunday, 9/30. Our first class will be on Wednesday, 9/5 to give you time to shop, plan, and prepare! 


Incorporating the the blood sugar balancing techniques Sara suggested transformed my relationship with food. I eat in freedom and don’t think of food unless I’m sitting down to eat. It’s like a weight has been lifted off of me

Sara has been an incredible coach, providing so many resources and explaining the science behind how our bodies process the foods we eat. Food is fun again. And I have more energy and mental clarity now than I ever had eating six times a day. I’ve never felt better and the hangry has gone away.

One month into Sara’s [blood sugar balancing] plan and I feel the best I've felt in years-more energy and focus, improved mood, and I'm steadily losing weight I've frustratingly held onto for years.”


My Story

Before I started studying nutrition, I would have considered myself a healthy person. In the traditional sense, I wasn’t eating cookies, cakes, or candy, and yet I was struggling with low energy, constant cravings, relentless hunger, and even bouts of depression from time to time. After learning a little more about where sugar was lurking, and those inflammatory foods that wreak havoc on our bodies and brains, I realized I was in fact addicted to sugar. After “cleaning up” up my diet (or what I thought was clean at the time), I felt some relief.  However, I remained confused for years on “the right way to eat,” as I continued to struggle with digestive distress, energy swings, and an out-of-control sweet tooth. It wasn’t until I fully understood the role that hormones play every time we eat – simple nutritional science – that I was able to feel the best I’ve ever felt.

I created this course because I believe so strongly in the power of eating real, whole foods. I want people to understand the foods we choose to eat affect us on a hormonal level; how the information we provide our body can either help or harm or health goals; how when we nourish ourselves properly, both with food and forms of self-care, we not only can get through the day, but we can thrive.