Is Counting Colors Right For You?

When it comes to health coaching, my message has never been so clear. After hundreds of sessions with my clients, and many discussions with women looking to lose weight, get healthier, or simply feel better, the end goal is always the same. And if you take a deeper look at what this entails, it has nothing to do with their physical body, and everything to do with the emotions they are looking to feel. In other words, what they envision for the essence of their "being." That's what "wellbeing" is all about - we just want our being to feel well

What I love so much about a holistic approach to health is that it doesn't separate the various aspects of our "self." The physical, mental, and spiritual facets of our life work together in tandem to achieve that overall vision of wellness. The science pertaining to the mind-body connection is fascinating, and can help explain so much. When you learn to use it to your advantage, well, that is when the magic happens. 

So I ask you: what is your vision for better health? Do you believe you can achieve it? And if you were to imagine the journey towards this vision, does it make you feel calm and peaceful, or stressed and anxious? The difference could make or break your experience.

My online course, Counting Colors, caters to all of these questions and more. I couldn't be more excited to share this information, and it will be dedicated to helping you achieve an increased sense of holistic health. It’s a mind-body-spirit approach incorporating concepts in the realms of nutrition, intuitive eating (and intuition in general), and mindfulness. I personally think anyone looking to achieve a newfound sense of wellness could benefit from it, but it might be particularly useful if:

  • You are confused about nutrition and the "right" way to eat for your individual body.
  • You are stressed about food, experience "food anxiety" and/or are thinking about food more than you need to be.
  • You feel caught in a cycle of restriction and over-consumption (and/or over-exercising)
  • You struggle with emotional eating
  • You constantly find yourself on a diet, still count calories, and/or can't seem to achieve your weight loss goals.
  • You speak negatively to yourself 
  • You want to feel healthier and happier in your every day life 

At the end of the course, it is my goal to never have you "worry" about what you are eating. You will also: 

  • Understand the hormonal reactions that occur when you eat, and why there is more to it than counting calories.
  • Reap the benefits of eating more real, whole foods. These include balanced blood sugar, increased energy, improved sleep, weight loss/maintenance, more stable moods, and a release from restriction.
  • Improve your relationship with food. View food and nutrition not as negatives (in terms of deprivation, guilt, shame, punishment, dread), but that which we use to fuel and nourish down to the deepest parts of ourselves
  • Undergo mindset shifts leading to more mindfulness, self-love, peace, gratitude and increased confidence.
  • Learn to tap into your intuition and find alignment; to get in tune with your authentic self and approach your day with more ease and flow.
  • Shed stories and long-held beliefs that may be standing in the way of your health goals.

The course is all online. There will be four live webinars, but if you can't make it live, the call is recorded to emailed straight to your inbox. Materials include a recipe packet (with over 50 recipes!), a workbook, and a Facebook community. I would love to have you join! 

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