This is the Number One Nutrition Mistake That I See


It is probably not a shock to any of you that there is a lot of nutrition advice out there. And it's confusing! Rightfully so, given that each theory tends to be backed by science, so how can scientific evidence be so conflicting? And don't get me started on modern day technology. On the one hand, having an abundance of information can be an amazing thing. Have a question? Ask the internet. Don't know what to fix for dinner? Scroll Instagram for inspiration. However, I believe social media has created a chasm between the way we were intended to eat and operate: by tuning in, listening to the signals our body sends, and answering from there. We have become so interested in what everyone else is doing, and as a result, are more disconnected from our own needs and desires than ever before. 

My advice: It's time to turn inwards. 

Some of you might be thinking wait what? Aren't you a nutrition coach who shares her meals on the 'gram and tells people what to eat all of the time? 

Ah, good questions dear readers. So yes, I really like food photography and enjoy pairing it with bites (pun intended) of health and wellness to encourage you to eat more nutritious foods. Most importantly, I never tell anyone exactly what to eat, when to eat, or how much to eat. I can't provide that information. If that is the kind of coach you need, I'm not her. What I can do is educate, make suggestions, and help develop the tools necessary for listening to your individual body. 

I see it all of the time. People want structure so badly. It's easy, and our egos love easy. They also love instant gratification, but that's another story for a different day. What works for someone else might not work for you. As soon as you look to an outside source, you have lost that connection to you, your body, and inner alignment. 

Each day is different and so dependent on your activity, sleep, stress, location, resources, and hormones. Your body is super smart and efficient and will tell you what it needs (I mean seriously, have you ever stopped to think how amazing a machine your body truly is?). We spend so much time and energy fighting our bodies and second-guessing ourselves. We are supposed to be working with our bodies in order to strengthen that mind-body connection, which is one that is meant to be built on trust. If you don't trust yourself, that is where the work needs to take place. But know this: you and your body are a team and the goals are the same. The trick is learning how to use your intuition and survival instincts to your advantage. 

Sara McGlothlinComment