Party Trick: Eating to Your Pleasure Parabola

The holidays always seem to bring up that age-old question about navigating social situations; it is something I get asked a lot about. What and how much to eat are always two major concerns, especially when out at parties where the fare is less likely to be healthy. The short answer is I can't tell you that for certain; you and your body are your best compass. A good rule of thumb I tell my clients however, is eat to your pleasure parabola. You know that arc-shaped structure you learned in middle school math? That's the one. 

What I mean is be mindful and in tune with your body when in those settings with less nutritious foods. Indulge and enjoy, but don’t allow yourself to get into auto-pilot mode. For example, there is a big bowl of chips and dip within arm's reach every time you turn around at your office holiday party. Pause and think: maybe 4-5 chips with the delicious dip is all you need. That is a good number where you have tasted, enjoyed, and not felt deprived. If you were to eat chips 6, 7, 8…your pleasure curve would start sloping down on the other side. You have already reached your peak, and the enjoyment would be decreasing instead of increasing like it did with chips 1-5. The law of diminishing returns so to speak. Stop when you have reached your peak! Then, change your focus from the food to your friends, family, or the environment around you. And this tip can be applied no matter where you are. 

Wishing you a happy and healthy holiday season! If you think I can help you become a healthier version of yourself, please contact me

Elizabeth FuquaComment