Share the Health: A Message


Last week, at the start of the New Year, I wanted to gain some clarity on not only what my business is about, but how I truly envision helping others. What exactly does it mean to be a holistic health coach, and how does this pertain to my audience and clientele? Therefore, I put pen to paper - a powerful tool - and this is what flowed freely from my intuition. This is my message, and I thought it important to share. 

Share the Health is about embracing a healthier way of being - whatever that should mean for the individual - mind, body, and spirit. 

Mind. self-love, confidence, viewing things from a more positive perspective. Celebrating small victories. Shedding guilt and self-doubt. Adopting a healthier relationship with food and seeing nutrition differently, positively, beautifully. Viewing self and health holistically, knowing that all pieces move together in tandem, and health can't be catered to without taking all aspects of life into consideration. Guiding others to find mental peace, whatever that means for them, through movement, breath, yoga, slowing down, gratitude, and appreciation. 

Body. A best friend and vehicle through which we enjoy and experience this beautiful life. To treat it as such. To view food and nutrition not as negatives (in terms of deprivation, guilt, shame, punishment, dread), but that which we use to fuel and nourish down to the deepest parts of ourselves. But to not only eat for nourishment and nutrients, but for pleasure and joy, as food and eating can not, and should not, be separated from the emotional aspects of self. To encourage others to move their bodies, and view movement from a place of appreciation. To move to both empower and strengthen. To move because you can, in ways that feel good, and to do so in order to connect body to mind to spirit. 

Spirit. To help others shed the stories about themselves that no longer serve them. Those stories told to them by their parents, partners, peers, self; those that might be standing in the way of their ideal health, wellness, and authenticity. To guide others to tap in to their intuition, and then empower them to gain the confidence to embrace that inner-being and make choices from that place, rather than the fearful ego. To help others find alignment before action when making choices regarding their health and otherwise. 

If you are ready to envision your ideal health, I would love to hear from you! 

Elizabeth FuquaComment