Change Your How to Find Your Why


I don't only want to help you get healthier in 2018, I want to help you get happier

The New Year normally marks a time of both reflection and change. For me, it used to signify the ultimate "diet and exercise" cycle in which I found myself stuck. Quite frankly, the cycle mentality is exhausting. If you have already made a resolution along these lines, you might just be caught in one too. And for the record, I no longer set resolutions (after years of unsuccessful attempts), but a mantra instead. An over-arching theme which tends to set the daily tone for person I want to be. 

I'm here to tell you that the missing piece to your puzzle of better health might have nothing to do with the what (what you're eating; what kind of exercise you are doing), but rather the howHow you eat. How you exercise. And most importantly, how you view yourself and health in general. The resolution (see what I did there?) could be a change in perspective, some simple mindset shifts, plus some science-based education to help you better understand what it means for you to be healthy once and for all. As a result, you will be able to connect to a deeper reasoning why. That's where the magic happens. 

If this has resonated with you in any way, or if you think I could help you achieve your goals, please reach out

Happy New Year! 

Elizabeth FuquaComment