An Unparalleled & Effective Message

I had been working with Sara one-on-one for several months before she launched the BoBSB class. Despite having several chats with Sara on blood sugar and related topics in our monthly discussions, I still elected to sign up for, and engage in, the BoBSB course. And I am so glad I did!

The information provided is unparalleled and more effective than any health coaching, nutritional plan, or integrative wellness doctor I have come across prior to working with Sara. And, personally, I don’t think you can hear her message too many times! Sara’s information and approach to health and wellness (hint: no diet plans!!) has taken me from a place of a frustrating and anxiety driven downward spiral to feeling confident and proud of the changes I have been able to make to better my health and self-care routines! Thanks, Sara! You are truly a gem!

Sara McGlothlinComment