Progress Over Perfection

Sara is absolutely amazing at sharing her knowledge in ways that make sense and are applicable on a daily basis. She is so supportive, encouraging, and always eager to answer all of my questions. I loved the recipes and the way she had us celebrate little victories along the way.

This course was amazing in showing me the science behind eating whole foods and how they can truly nourish my body. I learned about the impact of sugar on my body and how much more I was consuming on a daily basis versus the recommended amount. Another major aha moment was realizing I needed to stop labeling food as "good" or "bad" and focus more on my mindset shifts - thinking about does this food nourish me or hinder my goals. Finally, I loved the analogy of playing the WHOLE tape before indulging, eating, or turning to food.

I had so many positive changes. I eliminated diet coke from my diet. I am becoming more mindful while I am eating and focusing on chewing and slowing down. I am more aware of how I feel before and after eating. Through the course, I learned more about progress over perfection!

Thank you so much Sara!!!

Sara McGlothlinComment