A Total Lifestyle Shift

By taking The Beauty of Blood Sugar Balance, I learned how food affects your body, how it makes you feel and to tune into and listen to my body when I eat food. I feel so much better eating a blood balanced diet that I want to feel this good all the time! I have so much more energy and I do not have the big slump in the afternoon.

My biggest aha moment was we are not expected to be perfect! Every other diet I have tried, I would stick to their restrictions for a while but if I ever slipped up, I felt like I had failed and would quit, feeling like a failure. With BoBSB, its not about perfection. If you happen to eat a meal that is not balanced, you have your next meal to do that. I love how I feel and want to eat a balanced meal but I know if I don't I am not a failure. I also learned that it you are going to have a meal that has more carbs, eat that at your dinner meal, in regards to your blood sugar. HELLO.....how often have we heard to eat are big carb meals by lunch time so it can be fuel for the day???? And guess what, we all get that crash about 2 hours later bc of it. I feel encouraged and excited about my meals bc I know I can eat a balanced meal. Plus, I love how I feel doing so.

I do not have the afternoon slump or crash anymore. My joints, especially my shoulder that had been hurting me for awhile is gone. I have lost weight and I feel so much better!! You never realize how food affects you until you start eating a balanced meal. I am looking forward to going back to the doctor at the end of the year to see how my numbers have changed.

Your health is worth it. This is not a diet but a total lifestyle re-haul. She backs up this course with studies and if you try her way of eating, you will see a huge difference in how your feel. It is easy to do and only you are in control of your health. If you don't like how you feel or look, only you can change it. You will get the tools, recipes and guidance you need to learn how to eat a blood balanced diet and you will feel and look so much better!

Sara McGlothlinComment