No More "Hanger!"

I feel like I’ve been the poster child for “hangry” most of my life. The irritable mood, occasional headache, shaky hands and even intense cravings when I had waited too long to eat…I knew those signs well. I was having a “low blood sugar moment” and I was crashing hard. Those feelings were at their worst when I was eating a small meal or snack every three hours. I also became really anxious about food. I was constantly thinking about what my next meal or snack was going to be causing me to have crazy amounts of protein bars and snacks with me at all times.

I’ve realized through working with Sara that of course my body was “hangry.” I wasn’t eating enough, my blood sugar was out of whack, and I was adding food anxiety on top of all of that. Learning to manage what I eat, so I know I’m getting the nutrients my body needs, balancing my blood sugar and finally feeling satiated has been a game changer. I eat three meals a day now and rarely, if ever, think about those mid-morning or mid-afternoon snacks. I’m enjoying what I eat again and it feels good to be hungry, not because I’m sugar crashing, but because 5 hours has gone by, instead of 2 or 3, and it’s actually time to have another meal. My intense cravings have gone away and so has that anxious feeling of counting down the hours (or minutes) until my next “meal.” I don’t pack a bag full of snacks anymore either! Sara has been an incredible coach, providing so many resources and explaining the science behind how our bodies process the foods we eat. Food is fun again. And I have more energy and mental clarity now than I ever had eating six times a day. I’ve never felt better and the hangry has gone away.