Almost Immediate Results

Even though I had what I thought were good, healthy eating habits, and I was exercising frequently, I was staying at a not-ideal weight, and I was hungry during the day. I have to say too, that I carried some guilt knowing that I wasn't sticking to the "food pyramid" with its emphasis on fruits, grains and dairy.

After a week of sticking with Sara's blood sugar balancing meal plan (which was not difficult at all), I saw almost immediate results. I must sound like one of those crazy diet commercials, but I lost a few pounds, had a flatter tummy, and did not feel bloated at all! I didn’t even realize I was bloated before! The meal plan is a good, flexible foundation to which I can add other healthy recipes that I find online and on her website. I am trying to be more mindful before and while I am eating.

Sara talked to me about how the foods we eat affect blood sugar levels and fat storage and usage. I learned that just as important as what I eat is when and how I eat. I love that Sara didn't tell me that I could not eat certain foods. She teaches you how we process different types of food, and how they can make us feel. I now have the tools that help me decide what I should be eating. It's been refreshing to shed the notion of the Food Pyramid, and the guilt that comes with not being able to follow it!

Sara McGlothlinComment