Recipes, Information, and Learning

I loved the Scientific research and history you included in explaining how Americans have developed the diet we follow. My favorite part were the recipe ideas that were included in your course - I like to put into practice information I learn and try new things! It's so true that you really need to listen to your body as to how if feels following meals and exercise.

Aha moments pertained to the gentle/natural approach to working out and the explanation on how the body works/burns fuel during various types of "working out." I also found it interesting to learn about how different foods effect your body's blood sugar and chemistry.

Since the course, I am trying new recipes (many are yours) and trying to be more mindful as to what we consume and how it makes us feel. Sara's course is very interesting if you enjoy learning about health and nutrition. She is open to questions and feedback which makes the online class environment inviting!

I would love even more recipes! More things to try and ideas on meal planning. Honestly, I think I wish the course continued for a few more weeks - I want to keep learning and experimenting with new ideas/recipes

Great class, Sara! I hope you keep your information and recipe ideas coming!

Sara McGlothlinComment